Teams Tags

With the increase in the number of tools used for collaboration and communication, it can become challenging to keep track of who’s in which Team.

In the world of remote work and virtual collaboration, making sure to send messages to only those that are relevant can be an afterthought sometimes. For example, someone sends a message in a Team Channel mentioning specific colleagues. All members of the Channel would receive this message which is unnecessary. These messages can benefit from Tags.

Viva Insights – Focustime

The phone rings and a customer, colleague, parent, wife or the like is on the other end. Sometimes a phone call lasts 5 minutes and other times maybe 1 hour. It often varies depending on the subject area or social bond among each other. One thing most phone calls have in common is that there is always a task. Privately, it may be the request to buy something, at work, on the other hand, it may be the request for a callback or support.

OneNote Templates

Digitization is advancing and advancing every day. In the process, companies and people are trying to digitize as much as possible. Because when something is digitized, we come back to the content from many places and it feels like nothing is lost.

Many people still have a piece of paper on their desk, kitchen table or living room. We are used to taking notes during a phone call, for example. Notes that are then written on a piece of paper and eventually find their way into the trash can.